Your Home school Academic assistance cooperative

Parent Support
Experience Co-op partners with parents to assist in areas of home schooling that can seem overwhelming.

Washington State has home school laws. Experience Co-op’s staff ensure you are following the laws and regulations of the state.

Curriculum management is provided. Parents and administrators work together to determine curriculum purchasing needs. All testing and scoring is done in-center.         

Graduation assistance is provided beginning in 10th grade.

Parent Requirements

Monday's and Friday's are independent homeschooling days. Parents must ensure their children are completing the required PACE work and any extension projects to keep students on track with finishing the school year. 

Each family must work on campus or help with projects a minimum of 10 hours per month. We will partner your strengths with areas of need. Our volunteer manager will work with you to find the right placement. 

Drop off and pick up of students must be within 10 minutes before and after co-op hours, otherwise charges will be added to your account for childcare.